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Help for a new skier

Hi everyone. I have scheduled my first ski trip for this November. I'm going to Breckenridge the last week of Nov. I plan to rent a snowboard while I'm there, but what should I do about a ski suit? I'm not sure what kind to buy. Can anyone give me some advice on what I should be looking for? Thanks!

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if its your first time then your going to spend alot of time in the snow rather than on it so dont try and skimp on quality (probably not waht your bank wants to hear) because youll end up cold and that aint fun. all in ones are generally a no no there warm but a pain in th arse to escape from when you need the toilet and wont really score you points in the looks departments.
a decent pair of salopets dont spend more than 100 if its your first trip around 50-70 is reasonable and make sure that they are strengthened in all the necessary places (bum, knees etc).
for your jacket make sure that it watreproof, windproof, breathable is a must with vents preferrably and a snow skirt without saying, make sure youve got ample movement within the jacket as well as if it is to snug fitting then it may will restict your movement when skiing and expose skin. This will be the most expensive component so try not to skimp but you can get a first good jacket for around 150 ish its hard to estimate.

hope this helps

check out my website in the articles section to get a bit more info

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ya just go to the local ski shop around there and im sure that they will have somthing that you like for a reasonable price or just order online that is usualy cheaper but you cant beat a ski shop because at most of them the employees are very knowledgable and can help you make the right choice
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