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Help me pick this years sticks!

So let me start by telling a bit about myself. I am 25 years old. 6'4" 240lbs. I lived in Park City UT last year and skied Canyons and PCMR a combined 84 days. I took a serious step forward in my skiing abilities as it was the first season I've ever lived in a ski town. It was also my first season of skiing powder on a regular basis and learning to do kicked my ass but again my skiing came A LONG WAY. This year i have moved back to NYC so Ill be doing a few day or weekend trips to the resorts up here but I will be spending most of my time in Utah. I plan on skiing at least 25 days this season out west. I can only afford to buy one set of skis. Last season I got a pair of 4Frnt VCT's from the previous year in 182 which in hindsight was way too short for me. In the deep stuff I would have to point it like mad and get pretty backseat to keep the tips up when the snow was really deep. For me the skis seemed to do everything but didnt excel at any one thing. It did help alot as it was my first twin tip and I now love riding switch but have yet to learn to do so in Deep Pow. This season I am looking for something longer and fatter. 189-maybe even all the way to 198 in length and at least 110 underfoot. I have looked at 4Frnt VCT Turbos in 189, the 4Frnt EHP's, Last seasons Armada Ants in 192, and some of the surface skis. I want a ski with normal camber and some rocker or early rise but nothing too crazy. I would love to have some insane reverse camber super rocker fat skis but they would be useless on my days out east. Who has some recommendations for me? I am looking into last years gear as it seems to be pretty inexpensive. I also have connections at 4Frnt and Backcountry to help with the price. Who has some recommendations or even maybe some used gear to sell. There is just sooo much out there and Im having a hard time knowing what would be a good fit for me. Last year I demo'd some Rossi S7's and Salomon Shoguns but something with that much rocker is going to be a pain to ride out east. My ultimate goal is to take my pow skiing to the next level but still have something I can cruise around on back East. Thanks in advance for all of your help.
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