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Help picking a Head ski.

ok so i had a pair of head mad trix 2005 i believe, and they got swiped from my back porch about a month and a half ago. iv been skiing on friends skis for the last few days this season but yesterday i was at the top of tuckermans (the VERY top for people who have been there) and my friends skis broke... so that it i need new skis NOW (nothing will kick you in the ass like a hike down from that). iv been talking with some friends and looking around at shops and online, and i managed to get a good deal on some fischer addict pros, 540 for the ski n bindings. iv never ridden them or any fischer for that matter, but i know they are a well established company out of the parks, so figured their park ski would be able to handle the whole mountain (what im looking for).
SO after being set on them, im talking with my dad today and he tells me our old family friend who used to work for head still gets his rediculous discount their (i think he payed 150 or something for the complete ski with the mad trix 3 years back) so basically id be stupid not to go with head. I really dont know anything about the company. I enjoyed the mad trix but i didnt think they were anything special. now i need to figure out which one to go with
I'm an eastern skier, 6 2'' and about 175 with intermediate to advanced skill. im looking for a ski which is short for the glades (170-178) yet wide enough that it has some base for powder. lightness is also pretty important to me. however, being in the east i only get 4 or 5 of those perfect days a year, and i want to start learning park so i have something to do on those not perfect condition days. i need something that can be good in both those areas, any suggestions?
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