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Hip Protection

Hey, I started freestyle skiing this past winter and as a result I did some damage to my hip. I used a protec hip guard, but it wasn't good enough. The knot was about gone this fall, but I fell pretty hard on a long board and messed it up again in August. I can't even lay down on the hurt side, so I'm really concerned about hitting rails this winter cause I don't want to mess it up anymore, but I definitely don't want to go a winter without skiing (I haven't since I was a year and a half)

Does anyone have any advice about some really good hip protection? I'd like to find/make one with a hard material like plastic on the outside.


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I had a hip injury more than 10 years ago. Swiming in the sea helped me to cure it and I never again had any such problems. Now I can do everything from playing basketball to skiing.
Maybe you should heal it even more first?!

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I have two artififical hips and I ski with a standard sort of hip protector sold for snowboarders. Can't recall the brand. Its pretty comfortable and it it doesn't interfere with agility. On the other hand I try to make sure that I don't fall.

If you can't sleep on that side, then maybe you aught to let it heal, whatever it is. The reason I say that is that if you really damage the hip and end up with titantium in there, you will end up skiing on groomed, intermediate terrain--and I know that ain't for you.
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