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I don't fit in! Cannot find boots to fit

I have been left high and dry because I am short and have wide calves. Off the shelf boots do not come close to fitting me. I have a pair of Nordica boots that do not close properly, but that is all I have been able to find, and I have been skiing with these for about 10 years. I've tried on boots made for "wide calf" women, but these fit me the same way my boots do. Barely. I have to ski the first run or two with the top bails open, or I get terrible cramps. When I do close them, they are on the very last notch with the bails all the way open.

I have been met only with frustration at trying to get help. This week, I even got a lecture from a salesperson, who actually got nasty with me for "asking for the impossible"! Come on. I am not THAT unusual. I am an aggressive skier who has a knee injury. I can ski fine, but when I take my boots off to walk, the canting hurts my knees such that I am pretty much imobilized. Just standing is very painful for me. I want to get a pair of boots that are performance grade, that fit me, and that have a walk/ski switch. Is that so much to ask? Apparently it is, judging from the reaction of the ski shop guy this week!

I have come to the conclusion that I probably need custom or at the very least, specialized boots. Where do I even begin with that? I can't find anything online and I haven't gotten much help from the ski shops. Can anyone help this damsel in distress?

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here is what you do. buy a pair of step in boots, one size fits all, then you do what i did, buy a pair of cumfy shoes or boots and cram them in the bindings, if they fit, they work just as well!

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Okay then! Thanks for the help!

Seriously, I can't find any help, I guess I am out of luck. Does ANYONE know of any good custom bootfitters? I am sick of people telling me I am asking for the impossible.
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Your experience with sales people leads me to believe their "expertise" was lacking.

From my own experience Rossignol and Nordica have boot styles and models that are women friendly. The calf on a women's leg is lower than on a man's. Rossignol has designed boots specifically for women for years with a scooped back that allows for a larger calf to rest over the boot top.

Personally I have Rossi's, purchased 10 years ago and they do have that walk/ski soft/ski hard switch. This feature was invaluable when teaching. After 10 years they still feel like bedroom slippers.

You might have to broden your search of reputable and knowledgable ski shops to find a decent boot fitter. Set aside the better part of the day if you can and try as many on as you need to.

Off topic: Sales people are there to help you find the product that is right for you. Attitude and idiocy is a sure sign that you are in the wrong store.
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This might woork!

Hi my name is Jerry! Been in the ski business for over 30 + years !
There are a lot of boot companys addressing the Womans Ski Boot !

The 2 shops I would recomend is the Boot Doctors in Telluride , Co. & Taos N.M.
Bob Gleason is the co-owner and is one of the tops in his field! The Colorado # is 970-728-8954

There is a boot company in Austria names STROLZ Ski Boots and there distributor is in New Hamphire! They combine a custom lower shell to fit your foot and then attach a custom size upper cuff to fit whatever leg shape you have! Most of all is the custom liner and the fit is #1 !

tel...603-929-0043 or info@strolzboots.com Yes they are $$$$

but without a doubt the best boot going for the hard to fit foot and leg!!

When friends ask me what the best boot is..I tell them " the one that fits your foot" About 75% of all skiers are in the wrong size boots! and most of them are 2 big a boot right in the ski shop! !

Don't buy a price...a great deal for the wrong boot is not a " great deal"

let me know what you find!

Jerry Muradian Sales Rep Stockli Ski , Copper Mtn Ski Patrol

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Thanks, you guys! Snobeach, I agree, that guy didn't know what he was talking about. it still makes me angry when I think about it. He would not let me finish my sentences when I was telling him what I needed. Oh, well, their loss, I was thinking about getting some new sticks there, too.

Skirep, I appreciate the information, I will give Mr. Gleason a call and see what he has to say. I can think of a worse thing to do than to fly to Telluride for a boot fitting!

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