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I need prescription goggles!

what's up,
i've skied with over the glasses goggles for the past 3 or 4 seasons and i'm totally sick of it. i've tried wearing contacts but they bug me too much. does anyone have any suggestions of where to get good prescription goggles??

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Hey Bucknasty,
I've heard a lot of people mentioning ski-prescription.com on a few forums. I already have prescription goggles, but I went to their site and it looks pretty legit.

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Also try SPORTRX.COM (may be the same place as prescription.com). I got a pair of Oakley Crowbars last season with a prescription insert. The pair I got also have a lined bifocal - the bifocal is set at a 5MM height - this gives more distance vision while skiing and will allow you to read a ski map. I also had a pair of Rudy Project sunglasses made with the same 5MM bifocal. You'll have to speak with SPORTRX guys on what the model number is - this frame has interchangeable lenses so you can swap out a really dark shade with a lighter one as conditions change - and the lenses are small enough to fit in ski suit pocket.

Before you do this I'd recommend going to get your eyes checked out to see if your prescription has changed. Also, you'll want a goggle that has a insert for your RX - this way as your eye RX changes, you just get an update for the insert and don't need new goggles.

I have been doing the goggle RX for quite a number of years - my older ones were Bolle and they were great also. I don't usually wear goggles while skiing unless the weather is really bad. But, the goggle RX really helps in low light/flat light conditions and the RX lenses sharpen up the focus - and I need all the help I can get.

Colorado Springs, Colorado
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site with lots of brands and retailers: rx-ski-goggles
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SportRx as well

I agree with ColoradoSkiDude, SportRx.com has always done well by me. My favorites are oakley's!!
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