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I'm not sure whether to get these or not...

First I'll give you all my stats and such: I'm 22, 6'6" 270 pounds, I'm not fat though, I'm just a huge dude, and i ski fairly powerful, although my office job is putting me out of shape I ski powder when i can find it, crud and trees when its good, and groomers/moguls when i cant find anything else good.

I am a former racer, and right now my main skis are some beat down K2 mod 7/8 188cm (i like these ) i also have my old GS skis (atomic 198cm race skis) and i just broke my most favorite skis ever last season, some 181cm Volkl slalom race skis. so I'm in the market for some new skiis, i just want a good pair of all-mountain skiis, and i was thinking of going shorter, like 180-185 ish but i found these:

So i have an opportunity to get some older 191cm Atomic Beta Ride R:EX skis with Atomic R 614 bindings for 130$

They are in good shape, but used. the bindings are mounted on a riser plate, and look to be in very good condition, but:

I have two reasons to be hesitant:

1. The size, they are 191 cm, and i already have the k2 188's, i really sort of wanted to go shorter than this.

2. they are 4-5 years old, they've barely been used, but hasn't there been new technology in the last 5 years.

But they are also only 130$ - with bindings...

i really cant afford much for skiis this season anyway, but should i save my 130 and put it towards something newer, and shorter?

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If they are in good shape and haven't been used too much, Do it. 130 is nothing especially if you find a pair of skis that you love and have a blast riding. At your height and weight, this length should be a snap. I'm 5'10" and jumping into 184 after one full season back on the mountain.

Yeah that's all I got
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How many days will you ski this season and where are you going to ski? I would go rent a High -P pair of new skis and save your money! Why ski a POS ski after all its just a pair of Rossi's Try a ski thats a little shorter, and has a little more beef built in for your weight! Plus all regular production skis are pretty much shot...or skied out after 60-70 skier days anyway! Have you skied this pair of skis?
I dont mean that make/model/size......I mean this pair your thinking about buying!
Most better shops will apply a rental fee toward a ski purchase and if they have rental bindings on them they weigh more then a pound per ski more because of them!
If you got to have this ski offer them $75 bucks after all there long and Rossi's yuck!
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