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Improper binding mount

Hey Everyone,

Just bought my girlfriend some new bindings (Marker Griffins) to put on her new skis (Volkl Cosmos). We had the local ski shop mount the bindings. We asked them to mount them boot center, however when we went to pick up the ski they were mounted ski center. She is an intermediate skier and does not do the park, so we want them mounted correctly.

My initial feeling is the shop owes her a new pair of Volkl Cosmos. Not some other ski (possibly the Aura), and 100% not plug and remount the ones they messed up.

However, the shop was not willing to do this right away and needs time to look into it,which makes me worried they are not planning on doing this. Any thoughts if anything less than what I suggested above would be an appropriate alternative?

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I think it's valid to as them to replace them, though I'm not sure of the legal implications. I know larger companies such as REI have done that, but not sure about a mom and pop ski shop.

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Maybe you could work out a deal with the shop and have your girlfriend ski them in the forward position (most newer women's models are moving the mounting position forward now). If she is unhappy after skiing them then have the shop move them and plug them.
It won't affect the performance of the ski's and maybe you can get the shop to cut you a deal on other gear or service. Free tunes for life!
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