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In need of help deciding on skis

I'm 6 ft and 170lbs, I mainly ski groomers with a little powder. I'm a intermediate skier and will be skiing alot in the next few years. My question is; the skis that I like either come in 163 or 170, which size makes sense for a midwest skier that goes to the mountains once a year? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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At six feet tall you should be looking for a ski around 175cm. The 170s will be a little short, but for an intermediate its OK to size down a little bit. A shorter ski will be more maneuverability and is easier to turn; a longer ski will give you more stability at speed and more float in powder. A good rule of thumb is that for beginner/intermediates, the skis should stand between your chin and nose. For more advanced skiers, nose to forehead, or longer depending on the ski.

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I second SkiGrace on this one. Given your imposing height, nothing less than 175-180 would suit you comfortably. Shorter skis are easy to move around in than their longer counterparts, at the same time longer ones accounting for stability and float. Try out the ones you get your hands on and decide finally which one to choose. Good Luck!
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