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Just bought skis, it's bent.

I've been skiing for 10 years and just bought my first pair of skis online.

I got the Rossignol Scrath skis and when they shipped to my place they were slightly warped upwards. Is it supposed to be like that because of the need for flex?


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Camber - the curvature of the ski's base that helps distribute the skier's weight over the
length of the ski. Camber is the internal arc that is built into the ski. You can see it plainly if you hold them so that the bottoms of the skis are facing one another. The skis should not rest flat together at the bindings, but there should be a gap. That is normal.

Congrats on the new purchase! I hope you get many years of trouble free skiing from those Rossignols. Please let us know how they perform, if you like them, etc.

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I hope the skis work good for you, I rented a pair of Rossignol skis a few years ago and were quite impressed by them myself!
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When you place the skis base together do the tips touch or does the base under your binding touch. If the bindngs touch but the tips or tails do not than your skis are bent. The camber of the ski should give the ski a progessive bow from the tip to tail apexing undert the binding. if you place the ski on the ground the middle of the ski should lift up off the ground.
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