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K2 apache Recon w/marker integrated 12.0 binding

Question about the integrated binding. I noticed after skiing yestarday that the toe binding was a little loose on the mounting rail. One ski more than the other. First pair of skis with integrated binding system, so I am not sure if this is somewhat normal or not. I am used to a completely solid mounted binding, which of course would never be loose. The binding as a whole was still locked in with no obvious issues, the heal binding was still solid. There is an adjustment under the toe binding for adjusting the mount position, if I increase the forward positing the the toe binding tightens up a bit. The scale for this adjustment is from 265-365, which measures about 5cm. At about 2cm the toe feels tighter on the rail but still had some play. Any ideas, is this normal for an integrated binding??? FYI- I did not notice any issues while skiing on them, they skied great....

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39 views and not one response, amazing. :disappointed:

Thats fine I figured it out myself......but am really surprised at the lack of techincal information in regard to the binding and the ski/binding integration on either of Marker and K2's web pages. The looseness is due to the tolerances of the binding so that it can slide on the ski rails. Locking your boot into the binding also locks the binding tight to the rail. This is how they are made. If I had purchased them locally I would have just taken them back and asked the shop. But I ordered them online so I did no really have the option. I found an old post on another board from a skier who had the same concerns, a ski shop tech answered his questions. Problem solved. Now if only I could figure out how to get the snow to start up again, I'd really like some more powder to ski in.....these skis rock in the powder.

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I would have been no help in advising you, but Im glad to see you solved it yourself.

I am sure if someone had the answer they would have said it. Hopefully someone can help you with your next problem!
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