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K2 Apache Sidewinders? First upgrade to shape skis.


I am looking to buy a new set of skis. I have had a pair of straight 190cm Volant's for the last ten years ( I didn't ski for about 5 of those years).

I know it's time to upgrade. I ski about 15-20 days a year now and I am an intermediate to advanced skier. I pretty much ski the trails and always in icy New England. I am 5'9" 190lbs.

I went to a ski store yesterday and talked with a guy. He suggested a few skis that were middle of the road for someone like me (not too much shape, not too hard). He suggested: K2 Apache Recons, K2 Apache Sidewinders and Volkl Tigershark. He suggested I go to 170cm.

I am seriously considering buynig the K2 Apache Sidewinders, as I found them online at O2 Gear for 390 with Marker bindings. (If they sell out evogear has them for 465).

Does anyone know anything about these skis? Good? Bad?

The deal sounds great, but wanted to make sure I wasn't rushing in. I haven't demoed shape skis before, but I have friends who have told me anything will be better than my old straight Volant's and I will be used to these in no time.

Thanks for the help!!
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