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Knumbness in ski boots

Can any one help me! I am experiencing Knumbness in my toes after a 1/2 hour of being n the boots. I have had my boots refitted numerous times and I don't even buck le toe buckles, but nothing is working. Help!!
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Hmmm--sounds like it could be a bunch of different things. You did not tell us your age or physical conditioning. Or weather a physical, medical problem could be involved. Let's start with the boots first.

I have always loosened up my buckles (ALL BUCKLES) when I got cold or numb toes. Most of the time that my toes will get numb is because of extremely cold temps 10 below to 10 above (F)--like the kind you would experience in the Northeast--like Killington, Mt. Mansfield, Hunter Mt. Whiteface, etc.. That always worked for me. But if it isn't working for you--let's go to when you get into them. Assuming that the boots are the correct size and fit (you said they were refitted several times), when you arrive at the ski hill, do you jump into them right out of your vehicle and hop on the chair lift or do you give them time to conform to your feet (I am assuming the boots are relatively new)? If you put them on in a warm environment and give them time to conform to your feet, that may help.

Next--How reliable is the boot fitter you use in fitting your boots--are you using a boot that is suited to your ability level, foot shape, etc., etc. Most ski boot manufacturers will have info on the foot shape best suited for a particular boot model.

That's as far as I can go in pointing towards possible solutions. Maybe other readers can go in more depth based on similar experiences. When I get cold/numb toes--it is really really cold, or I am coming down with something.

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I get this problem too. My solution is to slacken the boots. However my boots have only approx 40 hrs ski time in them being new. As long as you arnt getting black toe and they are not rubbing, or feel too big I think you have the right boot size. However you will need to try to get them re shaped at your specialist dealer who stocks your boot type. Different boots have different ways of moulding.

Your symptoms are vague yet not uncommon. Does the numness preceed pain and pins and needles type affect? If so this could quite easily be due to a tight fit reducing blood supply to your peripheries.

Again get your boots remoulded, slacken off or try some padded socks maybe?

Do you get this problem in your everyday shoes / work foot wear? If not the boots are your culprit.
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I've never had a problem with my toes going numb due to the cold weather however I have did have to start slacking my boots in warmer weather for some reason. I usually just loosen the buckles while on the gondola or the lift and lock them in once I get to the top. Have tried getting them reshaped but as long as my feet don't fall off or I get a case of black toes, I'll just slacken them when not riding
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