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Look PX-15 or Marker Jester for new pow ski

Hey skiers!

I just picked up a pair of EP Pro's. As we all know, these skis are super noodly and so they can send you to the back seat hard upon big cliff landings. I'm in a dilemma over what binding to mount. I like the px-15 because it lacks the vertical release in the toe, which will prevent ejection in many cases. They are super heavy, though, and somewhat dangerous. The jester on the other hand is super light, super tough, and a great freeride binding with well balanced swing weight. Does anybody have a preference of one over the other? If so please let me know which and why, keeping in mind that I'm mounting them on EP Pro's, which has early rise and early taper at tip and tail, and is 153-127-150.

Thanks all!

Switch Doctor
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