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Looking at AT setup, questions

Just found this forum after some searching, and hoping to get some advice.

First I'll let you know my skiing background: I'm an intermediate downhill skier, using traditional downhill skis that I purchased 15 years ago (not parabolic or anything). 185 length. I'm 6'1" and 155 pounds.

Recently, my wife and I tried cross-country skiing, and we had a lot of fun. Not much xc available here in VA, but my parents purchased a vacatioin house out in WV where there is plenty of opportunity to do xc. (where we tried the xc at a nearby park). Ordered my wife a set of xc skis to keep out there.

There is also opportunity for some backcountry style skiing at the resort where the house is. hiking trails, even an unused actual downhill ski run (it's there, but the lifts are not operational). So I've been thinking I would like a set of skis to do it all, as I'd heard you can xc on telemark skis and go downhill. Then I found out about AT skis, and that, at least, sounds even better to me.

What I want to know is if these do what I want to do: be able to xc on groomed trails with my wife, as well as ski downhill at the resorts. I'm not too worried that I won't be able to xc as well as if I had actual xc skis, just want to know that I wouldn't hate it on AT skis. And that they'll downhill at least close to the ability of my current skis (I assume with the advances in ski technology, that shouldn't be difficult!). My current skis, since I don't get a chance to go often, anymore, just seem fast and I'd actually like a little more control at the price of some speed.

I've been doing a bunch of searching on the web the last few days (there is no where local I can go to find out about this stuff - we plan to go out to Wisp next weekend, so I'll stop in their shop; hopefully they may have AT gear and knowledge). I've been looking at the various brands and styles, and of course, price is unfortunately a major consideration. I'm thinking of going with Marker Baron bindings and maybe the K2 Wayback or Backup skis. The waybacks are 124/88/108 and the backups 125/82/110, and I figure 174 length? I've been confused over exactly what kind of widths to look at: I've seen widths ranging from 70 to over 100.

Anyway, am I even close to being on the right track? Thanks for your advice!

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skis - boots - foot - leg - hip - back - brain TADA

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unfortunately you wont be able to CC ski in your AT set up very effectively, but you can hike around. CC boots and skis are too flimsy for the downhill. Look into Dynafits bc it sounds like meadow skipping is your thing. Garmont Endorphin boot, Dynafit FT 10. Better yet, go talk to some more people, there is a lot to learn/...
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