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Looking for a group...

I am currently living in Columbus, Oh and I am looking to find a group of people who like to travel and ski. I am also interested in purchasing some used equipment so I can share the skiing with my friends who are less fortunate.

If you have some items to sell or are looking to split the cost of a ski trip please contact me at with your details. Thanks in advance and I hope to see you on the slops!


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Interested in selling....

I have some old equipment for adults and children, I also have cold weather gear for sale. I will email you at larry.mitchell@hackme-company.com.

I can also try your skype.


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Thanks for the reply!

Yes, I am very interested in some equipment. I have friends of various sizes and needs. Some of them are from my psychology class. So we might need some Goggles with LARGE headbands to fit their ego's!

I also have some rather tall people and others more wide then they are tall however all sizes are welcome and I am will to purchase lots of equipment just depends on how viable they are to me and the group at this time.

If you wish you can send me an email to the one I posted and are welcome to contact me through the other contact information i provided in my signature.

I look forward to doing in the future.
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