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Looking for some help deciding what skis to get

I'm a new poster here and looking for some advice about buying skis, I'm looking for some decently priced allrounders, ones that will stand me well in the park, on the piste and off it, currently have my search narrowed down to Line Chronic Cryptonites, Line Prophet Flites and Armada El Reys, all last years, these are all a similar price when fitted with bindings (well the Chronic Cryptonites are a bit more expensive but willing to pay that much), which of these is my best option or are there any other similarly priced options that I should look at? I'm based in the UK so any advice about deals here would be welcome.

From what I understand the Flites are a lighter version of the original prophets and not sure if those will be the best option for me.

The El Reys seem more of a purely park ski, I've been told that they have a low cut sidewall and won't handle the turns on icy piste

The Cryptonites seem the best allrounder but not sure.

Just looking for some advice really.

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Check out skigenie.com for personalized ski recommendations.
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