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Mantra M6 - Intermediate Skier

Intermediate Skier - mid 40ís - 5í-10Ē 200lbs.
Was on Elan Explore 82 skis for 7 years - my first and only pair. Needed a big time upgrade felt these skis were Holding me back in getting better.
I consider myself an intermediate skier, comfortable on blues and blacks. Most skiing done out west No so big on trees or moguls but will ride them occasionally I am still working on my carving technique still skidding down steeps, and love the occasional speed - have topped out at 46 MPH - I donít consider myself an aggressive skier not getting any younger but I plan to improve my carving skills this year With practice. I didnít want to get a ski that with time I would eventually overcome and stay stuck with I wanted a ski I would eventually work my skills and techniques into as I gain more experience and settle into it nicely. I donít plan on buying another pair of skis in a loooong time as I am well invested in the Mantra M6. I did a lot of research on it and i understand itís an overpowering and demanding ski. I am looking forward to the challenge. I am not concerned about the weight of the skis as I am in good shape and have strong legs turning wonít be an issue or fatigue. I am excited to purchase . Did I make a good choice?? honest thoughts? I am Ready to invest 👍👍
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