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Much equipment needed.

Ok so here is the deal:
I知 19 years old, just graduated and 2 months into my gap-year at the moment.
I love skiing and you can take my word when I say I知 pretty good at it, even though I知 from the Netherlands.
In this gap year my plan is to become a skiing instructor so that I can ski for a long time, instead of just 2 weeks a year, which I usually do..
The instructor course is already set out, if all goes well I will have my 鄭nw舐ter on the 24th of December.
This allows me to teach in Austria.

I have a few questions regarding new equipment I might want to buy and I would be happy if you could answer a few of them.

1. What ski痴 should I get?
I broke the tip of one of my old ski痴 last holiday so I need new ski痴. I love freeriding but also tend to carve a lot. And especially as I will be teaching a lot I think I need some good carving ski痴 but I don稚 really want them to hold down on my free-ride/freestyle time when I don稚 have to teach..

2. Shoes?
I already got a nice pair of shoes that fit me well, and they don稚 really feel uncomfortable. Although taking them off after an intensive day of skiing is always a relief.. So any reason why I should get a new pair anyway?

3. Helmet?
So my old helmet is broken a bit, the right ear flap thingy keeps letting go. So I need a new one, anything I should pay attention to?

4. Helmet cam?
I was planning on recording some of my leisure time on the slopes. I am planning on buying a gopro with a helmet and chesty mount and maybe even a ski mount. Any other products I should might take a look at?

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for skis take a lok at volkl. They are a very good ski company and reliable.
for helmets take a look at the burton RED stuff. they have a pretty good selection. As well as Giro.
for the helmet cam i would say take a look at the contour helmet camera. they have built in gps, elevation, and speed gauges. they can shoot the same quality of videos as the gopro hero, but they do not have the windcut.
hope this helps.

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You might also want to consider something to help you get the right balance when you ski, it's invaluable for your performance and will really make a difference to how much you enjoy and improve your skiing. The sweetspot trainer is great, fits in your bag really easily. You could private message me to find out more.
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