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Need advice

So.... i have run into a few issues.

I'm 5'7' and only 110lbs. I dont have the strongest legs, but im decently athletic.

I grew up racing and when I was younger everyone was skinny and awkward and what not, but now that im 22, everyone else is 5' 4" to 5'8" and has a good 20 lbs on me.

I started racing again, I know that my stance is great and that I am a great skier and can handle any terrain on any condition, ill do jumps, half pipe, all of that. I was 14th out of 20 in a slalom competition and i know its only because of techinique considering i was on 160 park skis. But when it came to GS with all the same people, I was dead last, by only half a second total for 2 runs, but still. I know that this mostly has to do with the skis I am on. I tried a pair of rossignol R11s out, but they were way way to heavy and stiff for me.

Any suggestions on a fast ski for a abnormally skinny female who is taller than average? I'm worried that I'm going to have to go into a junior ski which feels odd being that im 22.
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