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Need help choosing skis - longer/shorter?

First off id like to say hi to everyone this will be my first post

A bit about my self - im 15 have been skiing for about 8 years I currently have some salomon street racers (8) and while they are ok skis i dont like there handling at speed i find they tend to shack me to death and becasue the local ski hill is rough its somthing I ahve to deal with, I consider myself and intermidete skier that is aggresive on the slops (note i have taken up to assitant instructor course but did not complete that course) i enjoy high speed carving, I will be returning this year form one year off (had to take a year off for a spinal operation) but i want to get back into it.

Im looking for somthign in the 170cm range maybe a bit longer my skies now are 165's

I have about 300$ that id like to put into skis and bindings i have boots and pools What do you guys think of the Head 2006 I.XRC 1400 Chip Railflex Skis theres a set on ebay for 255$ and what bindings do you recomend? (should i go maybe to 1200's?)

Please help and offer any suggestions i dont intend to be doing any mogouls or jumps just high speed carving and having fun i rarly go in the woods so a longer ski wont be a problem.

Thanx for takign the time to read this


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Longer skis sound exactly like the skis you need. Short skis, like trick skis, i have found break easily on moguls, jumps, and grinds. I dont get why they are even considered trick skis...maybe it was the way i landed... anyway, the skis you are looking at look like they will work out.

Congrats on your first post!
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