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Need help choosing the right skis!!! East Coast

I recently moved to Washington DC from Europe. I have been skiing for over ten years now and I love carving. I have been looking to purchase Atomic Metron M10, but I am not sure if that would be the best choice considering the snow conditions here on East coast. I am looking for skis with turning radius around 13".
I would appreciate any comments on the skis and any suggestions for better skis in the icy/slush conditions.

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Volkl Tigersharks hands down.
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echo the Tigersharks...
amazing (x3) edge grip for 'dack asphalt/Pocono pavement - but still manages a wide float underfoot so you don't get caught out on a day of sudden sodden sludge....great ski!
caveats: heavy; $$$
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the Volkl tigershark 12 footers are an awsome carver on super firm snow. I demo'd them yesterday--and they also excelled in the icy bumps. They have a flex adjustment to make them stiffer for serious turns on boiler plate or softer for slush. I did not get a chance to test it out in the slush, because,--er--well--you don't find much slush when the high temp is 25 f. But I did get it off piste in the frozen slush and it holds a mean edge. Next time out, I will demo the TS 10 footers which are advertised as quicker and livelier.

I have also demo'd the K2 crossfire and Atomic Nomad high noon). The crossfire carves on anything, the nomad also carves well, and is much more lively and quicker than either the tigershark 12 ft. or crossfire. If I was looking for a carving ski for east coast conditions, demo the Volkl tigersharks. If you like icy bumps also check out the Atomic Nomad Highnoon.
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