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Need help fining the right skis for glades


I am looking into getting a new pair of skis this year to bring my quiver of 1 to a quiver of 2. I currently have the line blends with marker jesters and love them for bigger powder days, and for pretty wide open stuff. They are not, however, working too well for me in the trees (most likely because i went a little big 183, but still not a very snappy ski). What i am looking for in my new set of skis is something that will be good in the trees and moguls. I would rate my overall skiing as advanced, but not expert. I am very comfortable in the open powder, but once i get into trees, my confidence goes down, so i would like something that is responsive but that will give me control at the same time. With this new set of skis, i plan on using them primarily in the trees and moguls with a few groomers thrown in there. I dont plan on ever bringing them into the park. I am 5'10" and weigh 175 lbs. If anyone could make any recommendations for a good ski for what i am looking for i would really appreciate it.

the skis that i have been looking at so far are:
K2 extreme
k2 rictor
rossi s3
salomon 2012

but i am open to any and all suggestions

Thanks a lot,


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From your list - the Rossi S3 all the way.
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