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Need help picking skis

I really, really hope some knowledgeable guys help me with this. I went with one advice two years ago and I basically wasted $800
I know little about equipment, I do not have friends who would know, I do not have access to instructors. I have been skiing for some 30 years (I'm 50) but never had brand new skis until that unfortunate $800 purchase. I would finally want to get some equipment that could lift my skiing.
I'm probably a "7" (on a good day in good snow, maybe an "8") out of 10 in terms of skiing level. I probably made this far more by my strength and physicality (athletic 6'1" & 230LBs swimmer, runner) than with my technique. I learned everything on my own and then spent some 15 seasons skiing with my wife and then two kids. They are all good skiers now so I too can finally concentrate on myself.
99% of my skiing is at Mammoth. Perhaps it's my age but unlike my younger friends who stay on easier but FAST slopes, strangely, I prefer to torture myself on tougher SLOW slopes. If you know Mammoth - Wipeout is my favorite. I am by no means a great skier doing it. I look it is over my head and I have to stop 2-3 times. But I like it there. Oh, important - I ski a lot very late in the season. Lots of May and June skiing. At that time you have very firm morning snow and later you get tons of wet, deep, slushy snow. Also, I;m not good enough to ski bumps
the unfortunate $800 Salomon (Red Pepper, I think) 175cm (?) from some 3 years ago. Seem to me WAAAY soft and short for my size and my farmer-John technique. I hardly ever use them.
I by far prefer my very, very beat up Gotams I got for $300 at some demo. They are probably 2008/09. I think they are 183cm. They feel nice in good snow but on frozen morning snow I totally fall apart. I don;t know if it's a function of my limited technique or the skis.
I'm thinking that on the rare powder days, I will use my Gotamas (too short or not). And most of the season I would ski on something like a skinnier and longer Gotamas. I read a little about Volkls and it seems that Mantras or AC50s about 185-190cm long would be right for me.
I don't quite have tons of money that these good skis cost but if I was sure I was getting gear well suited that would last me a few years, it would be easier to go for it.
Please help.
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