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New guy looking for some skis.

Hey guys, I've come to seek help before I buy some skis. I've skied for about 5-6 years now, but I've been renting since then, and that causes me to only be able to go a few times a year. Now that I'm 17, and have my license, the last part I need is the skis, so I don't have to waste money on renting anymore. I'm looking for entry level twin-tips. I was wondering how they control compared to regular skis (alpine?), and how good they are with normal slope skiing. Along with that, I'd just like to try some terrain park stuff, but nothing too extreme. I've been looking around on some websites, and found some decently priced stuff, especially compared to the high prices of my local ski shop. The issue I'm having is, I really don't know what to look for in bindings and boots, as skis seem like they're the self-explanatory part of the purchase. Thanks in advance, and sorry for the wall of text.

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After a lot of research and watching videos today, I think I have some stuff figured out. I think I've narrowed my choices down to either Liberty KGB's, or Elan Slingshots. Both are twin tipped, but the website is saying that the KGB's have a cab forward stance, which means that it is more centered, but how much would that affect the feel on slopes? I'm looking more to get them, as they are $100 cheaper, which is understandable because they are 2007. After looking at some bindings, I feel like a 3-10 or 4-12 DIN range would be suitable, and a 90mm width. The skis are 85mm at the waist. And for boots, I feel that since I am lighter, and newer to owning my own gear, a 60 flex would be good. If anyone could approve of my options, that would be great. Thanks.

Edit: I keep finding more and more options. I think I found something I like better...Rossignol S2 Howells (160). Lange Concept 7 boots. Marker M Free Ski bindings.

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I ran your info through a new program that helps skiers choose the right skis. I think you want a freeride style ski thats good for the park and pipe too but nothing for extreme off-piste. The Nordica Dead Money is a great ski and not too expensive. Check your results out skigenie.com for the perfect match
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Thanks for the link to skigenie. Very cool site.
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