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Yard sale
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New guy with new old skis

So I either just got a screamin' good deal or some semi worthless junk. Hopefully you guys(gals) can help me clear this up.

I just got for free (I love freecycle), a pair of Salomon Scream 10 Pilot skis brand new still in the plastic. No bindings though. I'm trying to do a little bit of research and it seems like originally they had the S912 TI bindings on them mounted onto the side of the ski instead of the top. They are already drilled with holes in the side of them. I don't think Salomon makes this style binding anymore. Their website is next to worthless, and I can't seem to locate a set of bindings for them online either. Does anyone know if I can use a traditional top mounted binding on them? (I doubt it) Were there any other bindings, either Salomon or any other brand, that would work with these skis?

Lastly, any other thoughts on where to buy older equipment. I'm a little bit leery of buying used bindings since I'm not really 100% on what to look for.

I guess this sums up why they were free, but any help is appreciated

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OK I'm confused. Bindings mounted on the side of the skis? Take 'em to a reputable ski shop and ask them if they can put a proper binding on them. If they tell you to toss 'em, believe them.
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