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New skis - last year's model?

Hi all. I about to get back into skiing, my 4 year old son will start private lessons soon, and then when ready off to group lessons. I am very excited about this as I have sort of had to give it up over the past years, mostly, my wife doesnt ski and then when we had kids, who had free time ( not me )

Anyway, now is different, and I was a decent skier, and have skied once in a while overthe past years, so I can pretty much jump back into it.

The last skis I have owned were pre-parabolic, but I have rented since. So here is the big question.

Are even the cheapest skis from last season still better than what I used to ski on from years ago. If so, I don't see the need in paying too much for skis. My style is quite simple, I like to go fast, I like to take good jumps, and I am not really one who aims to impressive anyone else as far as my visual stlye. I am there for the fun of it as I am sure many of you are.

So will cheaper skis just fall apart on me, or is the progress in technology just mean I am not getting the benefit of a more expensive ski. I really don't want ot spend too much, too many other expenses, ( his lessons, lift tickets, ski clothing, etc, etc...) I will ski once a week on average ( near montreal by the way ) I am aware I can rent each time, but I really want my own.

thanks for any advice

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I would probably agree that you should go for a new pair of skis. I would probably go down to my nearest ski shop to see what they recommend and then go home and see if you can get them cheaper on the internet.

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Brand new year olds are perfect. I bought two pairs this way and got a great deal. The new technology in skis will be noticable no matter what style or ability.
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Boots first!

If you just getting back into skiing after a few years you should look into getting a new pair of boots first. Find a shop with a first-class bootfitter and plan to spend at least an hour.

If you ski 10 days or less a year renting demos is the way to go initally. Spend $25/day and you can try a bunch of skis and figure out what you like vs. what others say. Plus, no maintanince and you do not have to bring haul to the airport!

If you REALLY want to buy your own skis getting last years model (try untracked.com or e-bay) is the way to go. I do this every year and get 60-75% off and I am very happy. Oh, and skis are way shorter these days. Nose to forehead height

But for your kid I would buy skis and boots. The prices they charge for kids rental is a rip..$25-30/day! For $150 you can get kids boots and skis on ebay and sell they the next year for $100. I have two boys skiing for 5 years and have done this every year. I even get a range of boot sizes to make sure at least one pair will fit on the slopes. Kids wear their shoes very loose so so it will be an effort to get him into tight proper fitting boots but neccessary. Remember to get skis between chin and nose. Err on the shorter size for a beginner. Do not try to get two seasons out of a pair..just flip on ebay.
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