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New Skis - not sure what to get.

Ive been skiing a pair of Salomon foil skis for three years now, and they are getting very small (158 cm). I am around 5 foot 8 and weigh around 150 pounds. I have been looking at the K2 Apache skis (2008) and have heard good things about them. I'm just not sure which to get, between the Stryker's, Crossfire's, Recon's, and the Outlaw's. I can ski on all different kinds of terrain and difficulties, and ski mostly on ungroomed and in trees. Im looking for a ski that is thinner then my current ones (very thick, not sure of exact measurements) because i ski in maine where we have almost no powder. Im thinking that i should get the Crossfires because they seem like the best suited for what i want, but was looking for another opinion. If anyone has skied the different Apaches and thinks that one is better then the others i would be very thankful to hear what you have to say. Also if anyone knows of some other all mountain expert skis that are good i would look into them. Im trying to spend below 1000 dollars, and have bindings on my foils that i love and would try to keep and use on the new skis. Thanks for any input anyone has.

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well my dad who is a ski patrole skis on the apache outlaws and he really likes them but for the others i have heard good things about the recons and that is all i have heard.
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