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New to Skiing!

so i'm new to skiing, having only been once on a school trip years ago.
looking at starting up again this season. my buddy has a pair of Rossi Zenith Z3 (2005 model) that's he's be willing to sell for 100$. would that be a good ski to start off with again? i know generally speaking renting when starting is best and cost effective but with buying used gear, if in good shape could be just as good.....

what do you guys think. the skis look to be in almost new condition, very seldom used and waxed regularly. for the cost of these ski and some nice boots comes up to the price of renting for the season! i live about 20mins away from a few hills so i will be going once a week.

any other advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Omar, welcome.
The ski you mention was intended for red/black run skiers so is probably not ideal for you.
You don't say how tall/heavy you are? This makes a diff.
Where are you? The snow makes a diff too.
As a very broad rule of thumb, length of skis is dictated by your height /weight. They will be somewhere between the top of your chest and your chin. The heavier you are and more advanced then the longer they will be, if your very light then the shorter. Simple? Nearly, if the ski is rockered then less of it is touching the snow so you can afford for a slightly longer ski. Now flex, a flexible ski is more forgiving when your learning but if your very heavy might be counter productive.
If I were you I would go talk to someone unbiased like an instructor rather than your mate or another salesman. He will be better placed to advise you and you never know you might get a discount on your rental if the instructor has links with a shop. Or do a rental deal so you can try lots of skis during the course of the season and buy your favourites for a pittance at the end of the season.
The thing that will most benifit your skiing though is well fitted boots and lots of practise. Have fun x
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