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New to skiing what should i buy

So i'm relatively new to skiing not super good so won't be doing anything hard this season, i want to buy some skis and boots tho since i'm gonna try to be up on the mountain as much as possible this winter, i'm also a girl what kind of ski's/boots are good for beginner girl skiers that wont break the bank

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My friend this is just a perfect question you have asked,I will answer you and the rest of the people who are new to skiing please read this.Follow the link at my signature and you will see the products we have for beginner skiers.Our products are of quality and they are very cheap indeed.We sell at discounts prices at sometime and at the moment anything you buy have its discount ranging from 30%-50%.

Hurry and make your order while stocks last.

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levelninesports.com has an excellent selection of deeply discounted ski gear as well as a ski and boot selector to recommend skis on an individual basis.
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Before buying try to demo a pair of skis at the ski shop at the ski shop for your ski area. That way you get an idea of what you like.
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