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Newbie to skiing needs advice

Hi all, I recently started skiing. I live in the greater Boston area and I've been to 3 ski areas so far: Nashoba Valley, Wachusett Mountain, and Pat's Peak. I plan to do more skiing, but before I do, I'd like to purchase my own equipment to save money and hassle from renting. I've been to a couple of stores so far and was taught a little about the different types of skis and the materials they are made out of and the different types of boots that exist. One thing that seems to be very prohibitive about skis are the price. I've seen skis that cost up to $1200 and boots that cost up to $600! Now, I'm just a beginner and don't need anything fancy to learn on. I am not familiar with the brands or anything, but I could care less if I started out with brand name skis or not. All I want are skis that won't break after a short period of time, are easy to learn on, and don't cost a fortune (I'm looking to spend no more than $400 on boots, poles, skis, and bindings). Would purchasing equipment online be a good idea? I would appreciate very much any and all advice on my first ski purchase! Thanks!

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Hey I am a newbie myself. I got skis for my two boys and myself last year on EBAY and okay. My youngest sons 110 were our first purchase and were not really what I should have gotten him. I did fairly well with older son and myself. all said and done I got the three of us skis, boots and poles for under $300

that said I just posted the story about getting screwed on craig's list. so it is buyer beware.

Also thrift stores can be a good place to get boots. typically they aren't perfect but then its not like us newbies are trying to win a gold medal.

if you do decided to get ski's online make sure that you get skis that you can return and that they aren't charging an arm and a leg for shipping. also make sure that the person selling them has a good reputation and knows what they are talking about.

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I would not buy until you are good enough to get a pair that can last for the rest of your career.
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Wait til end of season

Your best bet is to hire for the next season, see what you like(ie try a few different ones) and then at the end of the season go bargain hunting. It's certainly the case in the UK and Europe that you get some cracking bundle deals of 'last season's kit'.
For instance I saw a bundle of some perfectly decent Head skis, boots and poles with a bag thrown in for about 180 quid (say 375 bucks). A reasonable investment but only once you are sure you want to stick at it and go skiing again.
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My .02.

If anything I would recommend purchasing boots. Spend time at a few ski shops and try on several types, they all fit differently. Disregard the sales pitches, when the boot feels right and you can stand to be in them for a time then make the purchase.

As for skiis, poles etc. like others have mentioned, try out a few before spending your cash. There's no point in shelling out any $$ until you know what works for you depending on where you ski, how often you ski and what kind of conditions you are most going to be skiing in.

Check around for ski swaps, usually retailers are blowing out last year's stock to make room for new.
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ok here is a great place to start,
GOODWILL - will have skis!
ok, so you may not find boots this way, i sure didn't, but i listed these in the order of cheapest, most likely to have what you want, less of everything, and freebee!!! the boots can be gotten at play it again sports.

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