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Non shaped skis - do they exist any more?

I'm ready for my flame job.

Does anyone still make long stiff skiis? I've gotten to the point where my old 205 Atomic slalom and 208 coupe de monde GS skis have seen better days. I've tried many shape skis over the years and I universally detest them.

I'm assuming that I'm not the only curmugeon who longs for the days of long stiff skis, someone must still be making them.

I'm also an avid mono skier - WhiteKnuckle was able to supply my last need for long stiff mono-skis, and it appears that Duet is also still selling them

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This is pure snow!
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I am pretty sure they stopped making the straight skis.

A good friend of mine is like you and prefers the old skis. Since he couldn't find anyone who still made them he ended up buying a semi new pair off of Craigslist. He put an ad up and was basically able to find a never used older straight ski.

Good luck finding a replacement!

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They exist, but not new. My dad is still rocking a pair of 195 Rossignols that are at least 25 years old.
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Everybody has few pair in their garage. Check e-bay
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