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Nordic ski sizing for big guys

What size Nordic skis do I need?

I was 6"1", but I've shrunk a bit due to age and injuries. 6'1" is probably OK.

My max weight is 265, but I drop to 240 in the summer. I was 224 in 2003 when I retired from the Army.

I want to use these for back country skiing on fresh snow. I no longer plan to carry a big rucksack for camping, but maybe a daypack, hunting weapon, etc.

In the 80's I was between 200 and 225 and carrying a heavy rucksack and weapon. Army skis worked pretty well and I think their max length is 210cm. Modern Army skis are maybe 2 1/2 " in the middle and 3 1/2 up front.

My old skis, which I've had since 79, are 215cm and 2" along their full length. I was maybe 175 when I got them.

There are few or no dedicated ski shops here. The big sports stores are using a weight table, but trying to steer me to smaller skis. Can't imagine technology has changed that much. Furthermore, I desire WAXED skis.

What size skis do I need?
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