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Northeast Ski Decision, Experience Appreciated!!

Hey Guys,

I ski in the Northeast as that is where I live. Mostly Cannon, Wildcat, a trip to Jay Peak and Sunday River once a year. I'm an advanced skier, having gone down Tuckerman's and a couple other runs in the mountains. I have been skiing a pair of Rossignol Rebel X's a got a while back just used them and never cared to change (at 160cm to skinny at 66 mid, I just need something more robust), I feel it is time to change that and further enjoy and advance in my skill.

I have narrowed my choices down to the Salomon XW Tornado or the Rossignol CX80. The Rossi's are a bit wider prolly more rigid. I basically want a ski that is great on groomed/not so groomed Northeast mountains that can occasionally go off trail at Canon and will hopefully be alright for Tuckerman's later in the season.

Any thoughts or other ski choice would be appreciated, thanks in advance. Also I'm 5'8" about 165-170. Thinking the Salomon's in 166 would do nicely.
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