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Parabolics....Worth The Upgrade?

Hey folks,

I'm 28. I've been skiing my whole life and am decent.

Right before parabolics were introduced, I bought a new pair of skis that were pretty good at the time (K2 FX Extreme). Right about that time I started college and basically have only gone skiing a few times since then (but it's like riding a bike for me). The ones I have though are more for moguls and I don't ski those much anymore.

I'm about to get back into the sport (i.e. going 3-5 times a season) and I wonder if it's really worth it for me to go buy a pair of Parabolics since I've only used my current skis a handful of times and they weren't cheap.

I've never tried Parabolics before. What do you guys think? Is it really worth it for the amount of skiing that I do?


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Welp, worth it or not, I just bought a pair I got a used (but in great shape) pair of Salomon X-Screams for $140 with bindings.

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worth upgrading? well let me put it this way... Alot of people had perfectly good leather boots when molded boots were released. People used the leather ones perfectly fine, but why use an old technology when you can use a newer technology that is proven much better?

It sounds to me like you just want to get out there and carve the mountain and forget about moguls... well nothing beats parabolics for carving the slopes, its efortless, the ski does all the work for you! Go get yourself a mid-grade pair and get out there!
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