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Perfect "2-ski-setup" for 100 days of skiing!

So if you were about to go skiing for 100 days straight and only could bring 2 pair of skis, which would you choose, and why?

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Definitely my two burton babies

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I would have to say something like the K2 Recoil ski for my all around, all mountain twin. The Recoil can ski anywhere on the mountain and is actually decent for park skiing. They have a little rocker and can hold on icy days. I would put some Marker Jesters on them.

The other ski would be the Armada JJ Skis. They are a fat powder board with tons of rocker and just a blast to ride on. Lean back and truck over any terrain. Lovely the day after a big dump. I'd set them up with the Marker Duke Bindings.
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