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Rossignol 3E1 ?

I hope you can advise a puzzled non-skier.

While cleaning out the residence of some people who moved out suddenly with no forwarding address, I discovered a pair of "Rossignol 3E1" skis. They have binding parts labeled "Salomon 4". My question is, are these good skis that someone could use, or should I recycle or trash them?

The Rossignol skis are mostly blue with snow-like patterns except for logos and lettering, which are white on one ski and orange and green on the other ski. The binding parts are white with some purple lettering. The skis have multiple layers and vary in thickness. They do not look twisted or hurt in any gross way; the only damage is to the thin plastic layer on the bottom, which is separated from the ski where it meets metal that is at the pointed end of each ski. About an inch of that plastic material is cracked and broken away at that end of one of the skis. Otherwise, they just are a little dirty (not greasy, it's just dry dirt.)

So, please tell me: Sell, recycle (how?), or send to the landfill?

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if you think you can still repair it, better recycle it and sell it afterward. :p
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