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Scott Aztec Pro's - Sexy All Mountain Ski....

Scott Aztec Pro's - January 9th 2007 - 15:37pm

Review of Scotts Classic all mountain ski

tested length 175.

Skiing is all about style these days. Great skiers dressed in all-in-one pink suites, wearing a pair of b2ís might as well ski on the nursery slope trying out their snowplough. Having a pair of skis that look the part as well as being responsive, aggressive can hide no end of sins within your ski technique!

Scott Aztec Proís are a great example, personally I love the simple understated graphic, yet the true class comes out on their first ride. Scottís figure of eight design enables you to find your edges easily and aggressively, particularly through the critical part of the turn. Through this shape, Scott can produce a more flexible ski which can carve and cope with off piste just as well as its stiffer competitors. On the flip side to this the flexibility enables a predominately piste skier to enter the park and have confidence that his skis will step up to the challenge. However if you live in the park skier, donít buy these skis. There is no question that this ski is for the gutsy intermediate and more predominately the advance skier. Really worth a try, and would recommend a purchase if they match your ability, budget and style of skiing.

Scott you have done well for yourself!!

Skis that I would also look at if I was interest in Aztec Pro's are:

K2 Men's Seth Vicious Skis -

Range of skis from Liberty - all mountain skis - very nice!

More reviews to follow on my website at http://people.bath.ac.uk/tjd20
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