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Seeking some Advice (New Skis/Boots)

Hello--thanks for looking.

I'm looking to buy a new set of skis, bindings, and boots.

I've been skiing for 10+ years but would consider
myself an intermediate. Female, 5'9'' 185lbs

I ski the East Coast; VT, NY, PA so trails are mostly groomed and ice is
a constant.

I enjoy skiing more aggressively on green runs and less
so on blue and black. I use longer turns and wedge when
I am not that confident.

I'd like to push myself further and ski with more
short quick turns as I become more comfortable and ski

Right now I am using an old pair of Rossignols 173 -
V2 C's From 99' or so and I am looking at an upgrade.

I have been looking at the following skis:

K2 Apache Hawk (They may be "too" beginner though)
K2 Apache Crossfire (May be too advanced)

Rossignol Zenith Z9
Rossignol Bandit B83
Rossignol Bandit B78
Rossignol Bandit B2
Rossignol Bandit B3

I am open to any suggestions though on brand, type and length.
I generally look at men's skis because of my height/size but if
women's would be better suited for me - I will also consider them.

As for boots...I am slightly "duck footed" with a low
instep, flat feet, and average width...may be a little
wider by the toes. I notice the boots I have currently
start to really hurt my ankles, toes, and shin by the end of
the day after several hours of skiing (I even have bruises!) so I know it is crucial
to get a pair of boots that are right for me. I plan on going
to get fitted but I'd like some suggestions prior as well.

Any help would be really appreciated!

Thanks again
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