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Ski Boot pressure causing circulation issues


Need some help, going skiing on Saturday and dreading the prospect of putting on my Nordica Speed Machine 8's.
Problem is I have a boney top foot and of course lots of big throbbing veins running across the top of foot.
The boots feel comfortable at first but I can certainly feel some pressure on the bones on top of my foot. After about 15 mins the numbness sets in and I start to lose circulation in my forefoot to the extent that I can't feel my toes after a while and when I eventually take the boots off my toes are freezing. I could hack them off an not feel a thing.
The hard insole in the bottom of the boot has been ground down to give a bit more foot height and I have conformable footbeds in.
I am reluctant to have the boots stretched further or the insole ground down more to avoid them going sloppy on me.

Are there any suggestions on the best thing to do to try and relieve some of the pressure and discomfort on the top of my foot? Thought about taping some neoprene foam to the top of my feet and then putting sock on over the top but this may make matters worse. BTW I don't fasten the two lower bukles on the boot.

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I think I would be inclined to hire a pair (of boots) the next time you ski, & be prepared to stuff around with it (it sounds like you already have) getting a pair that is just spot-on, then get all the info (about the pair that fits just right) & with credit card in hand go off & do some shopping for a new pair of boots.
Mind you I would be inclined to vist a good Chiro / Physio, if you can't feel anything in your toes, that tends to sound more like nerve damage to me. Perhaps even Acupuncture would be a good idea. Do this Before going to the snow.

It's no good having your lower buckles hangin loose, cause it's your toes that tell the ski what to do, not your heels !!


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I would be carefull when taking material out of your boots. You can always cut more out, its a bit harder to put it back.

Do you pronate or supinate? If you do one or the other you can place supports in your boots at the heel that can fix this. These symptoms can cause pressure points within the boot.

You can have your boot packed out in certain areas. The best thing is just some time and effort. just remember your feet are sensitive, small adjustments, big changes.

Ski boots are not going to fit like a tennis shoe, they need to be snug. I like mine on the tighter side of things....But they should not cut your circulation off.

Good luck
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