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Ski equipment noob.......help pleeeze!

hello everybody.....I'm new to this forum and would like to say hi
I'm realatively new to skiing and I am looking for your experienced
advise on a good setup for myself.....
what will I expect to pay for a good (medium quality) setup?
I am 5' 6"......I weigh about 140# and take a size 11 mens
(yea, I know.......related to sasquatch) boot.......
what are the general guidelines to buying skis???
any help is greatly appreciated............

I am a member of skatelog forum and I sometimes help people
with advise in building a pair of quad speedskates or jamskates.....
so don't be afraid to give it to me staight!!! lol!!

I so want to incorporate skiing as a part of my winter activity, fun and
fitness regimen!!

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what do you want to do? What level of skiier are you?

Boots are generally easy.. go with what feels best... different brands make boots for different feet, i.e. Salomon make boots for wider feet.

There are indeed boots for different purposes, softer/harder flex for instance, don't worry too much about this though, go with what your store rep advises on this front, its heavily based on your aims and abilities.

Make sure to buy your boots in a store as opposed to the internet. Don't be afraid to go into a store just to try boots on, don't feel pressured into buying anything unless you are 100% sure they are the ones that feel best! Custom footbeds are always a good idea....

I would give you price estimates, but not entirely sure of prices in your region...

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Goto your local ski shop, they will give you real time advice and help you pick based on what you want and need.
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