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Ski jacket, how much and where should you buy it?

Hey everyone,
I hope all fo you are having a snowy day
My family and I decided to go skiing this year for christmas, and my father in law has a ski lodge, so thank god we donthave to pay for a hotel in the alps because damn its extremely expensive.. Anyways my fiancee and I have to pay our own equipment forfait etc (which is normal) except that she already has all of the equipment because she often went skiing..
Im the one that has get my equipment (again normal) but the thing is i have no idea what to get... I hear you could rent you skiis over there, so thats a good thing (I wasnt readyto invest in a pair of skiis when I dont even know how to ski)
So I decided to get a cheap ski jacket, even though Im afraid ill freeze to death..
I wanted to have your opinions, I found a couple of websites that have cheap jackets, but I dont know the brands (Im too embarassed to ask my girl..if you know what I mean..)so here is what I found
and http://www.twenga.com/price-discount-ski-jackets.html
What do you think? anyoneknow these brands?
Where do you think I should get my gear?
thnks everyone
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