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Ski length

I am looking forward to some serious input on your forum. I have used forums for several other hobbies and sports and know enough to assume that my first question is the type that will open a whole can of worms but I am looking for all input.

Ski 6 years Eastern snow Pa, NY, VT approximately 2-3 times per week, male, 190 pounds. Like to carve long turns while running full out and standing on the edges. (no tricks, jump only when I am thrown into the air and no helo taxis onto glaciers).

I recently purchased Atomic Nomad Blackeye through a local, and (I think), highly knowledgeable ski shop that has been super helpfull in my pursing this past time. I use Nordica Doberman Agressor boots and atomic Nomad skis. I recently purchased the Nomad Blackeye as an upgrade from my first ski purchase (atomic e3, 170 length) that I purchased on ebay for $99 when I started skiing.

The saleperson/store owner sold me into buying a 164 length ski (because of the side-cut/shape) when I was accustomed to skiing the e3 in 170. I used the ski for the 1st time tonight and found the blackey to be a super ski, it rides the edges like a Japanese bullet train. But at high speed I seemed to lose sight of them underneath me ( a little unnerving) I also seem to be able to generate a bit more speed from my old 170's. I am just concerned (probably in some part due to the price I paid for this ski ***wow***) that they may be a little short for me. I am 5'8 and weight 190. Like I said they ski great but am I missing something by not staying around the 170 cm mark. Will I lose speed and maybe some effectiveness if I get into some powder. The other issue is that the Atomic blackey is only made in like 150, 157, 164, 171, 178 and from what I understand with the shape of these skis compared to my old atomic e3 i should indeed have gone down in size. but was 6 cm too much. They just look so short on me (very weird) but is approximately 3 inches going to make a huge difference. Someone please tell me that I did the right thing...spent a lot of doh-re-me on these sticks!
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