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Ski Size

I would consider myself an advanced skier. Comfortable and enjoy skiing blacks at breck and vail. I only make it out west once or twice a year and ski mostly in the midwest (sadly). I am Only average in moguls-- but want to get better. I am 6'4" 170Ibs. and i ski on 170cm skis-- ive always wanted longer skis.

I am getting new skis and cant decide between the 174 or 181. Will I be able to handle the 181 even though i dont weigh a lot? I want the 181 but not if they are going to be unresponsive or sluggish compared to the 174. Does it make that much of a difference?

The skis I am going to get are the K2 Apache Recon. Thanks for the help!

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hey for you i would suggest that you would get the 174 because you might have trouble using a 181 because that is very big. The Apache Recon is a great ski for someone like you, they are some of the best all mountain skis on the market. here is the link to a website that i found for you they have them at a great price
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