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Ski Socks whats everyone recommend

Last year I got some wicked shin bang from my rental boots. I blame part of it on the boots but some I blame on the socks. I was wearing long standard cotten socks(the ones with ridges up the calf). the first couple days weren't to bad but buddy eventually it wasn't comfortable. This year I went out and bout some Solamon Mission rs7's and they fit well but i'm still concerned abou the socks issue. Walking around the house to get them broke in i kind of get the same feeling from the socks.
Would the smartwool sock be a good investment or are they overpriced junk. I bought some underarmour socks last year and they weren't to good.

any advice is greatly appreciated!!

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I've been wearing the K2 socks now for the past few years and haven't looked back.

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I highly recommend the ski socks made by Darn Tough. They are pretty expensive, but WELL worth the money. Not only are they incredibly comfortable, but i've been using the same few pairs for years now. HINT: Drying wool and wool/blend socks in a dryer after a wash might shrink them a little, but it will also make them MUCH softer.
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