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Ski Suggestions

I'm 6'4" and 200 lbs. and I just was wondering if anybody had any ski suggestions or boot suggestions, I am a skier that likes jumps but I am mainly like going fast or off trail. I also have a low budget. Any help would be appreciated.

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You might find Head is a good option for you. I'm 5'9 and never liked my Head skis because I don't think I was big enough to really control them. At 6'4 on the other hand...

You might also want a stiffer boot - I haven't bought boots in a while, but I recall race boots tend to go stiffer. I believe Nordica makes really stiff boots with their doberman line.

Personally I buy boots based on fit - does it hug my foot and feel relatively comfortable? If yes, then I'm sold. That said - I actually like a slightly softer boot. But not sure if softer would be viable for you at your size.

For the skis, I would never buy a pair of skis without demoing them. Most hills/resorts have demo days periodically - spend half your day trying different skis out, and don't be shy about taking a ski for more than one run to make sure it's right for you. Try it in all the types of runs you would ski - not just on the cruisers.


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Thanks man Head skis look sick.
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