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Skis or Me, advancing from green to blue slopes

I'm 45 yo male, 6'2, 245, using rental 160cm (I chose the shorter ski to help me get back into the sport), K2 skis, beginner trying to progress to blue slopes. I've had a few lessons and am getting bored with the limited green slopes where I ski. Yesterday I tried a blue slope and was very discouraged by how difficult it was for me to get down the hill without injuring myself.

Is it safe to say that for my size these 160 skis are never going to work for me? The problem I was having was I couldn't maintain a comfortable speed and I had to stop after each S turn. I was using a lot of leg strength by doing skiding/sliding turns. I'm trying to figure out if a longer ski would help or possibly add more difficulty (harder to manuever and increase my speed) or should I just focus on technique and get more lessons? So is this more likely an equipment or technique issue?

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In general, longer skis are going to be faster and more difficult to turn. Keep focusing on lessons and you'll get there.

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Inverness is correct.

Longer length = faster speed, longer/harder turns
Shorter length = slower speed, shorter/easier turns

Your length is fine you just need to practice, practice, practice. Keep practicing on the greens until they are so easy you can do them with your eyes shut.
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