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Test our beta product for free


As you might have heard (or not), we want to replace toxic Fluor carbon in ski waxes by Green Super hydrophobic Nanotech.

First lab and field tests also showed a friction reduction of 40% and the wax lasted much longer.

Therefore we are looking for professional skiers, snowboarders, who want to do comparative testing.

As we know the season ended in Europe and the USA, we are looking for testers who go out on glaciers or go skiing to Chili, Japan, New-Zealand, …

For all other people, we do plan a third test round at the beginning of the 2019-2020 season.

So please subscribe at our website and be the first to test the ski wax of the next generation.

Thank you,

The Glide Nano Team

glidenano . com

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Seems interesting, when will it be available?

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Many conscientious manufacturers have already switched to the “safer” PFCs that have only 6 or less perfluorinated carbon atoms, also called “C6”. These are allowed because they are believed to degrade faster than the C8 PFCs and because do not appear to accumulate as much in the human body. Because C6 is not banned at this time, you will find this toxin in your sports apparel, hiking jackets and carpet. However, many knowledgeable people recognize that C6 PFCs are suspected carcinogens. In fact, C6 PFC has a sizeable "impurity" of the banned C8 PFC. Some unscrupulous chemical suppliers intentionally keep a high impurity level of C8 in their C6 - to make it work better!

This is starting to sound like the “good” white asbestos and the “bad” blue asbestos of years ago. Both forms of asbestos were known to be carcinogenic, but blue asbestos was banned about 15 years before white asbestos was banned. During that time, countless people were exposed to this carcinogen and homes and businesses were built using white asbestos that later needed to be removed - at great cost. The delay was "needed" because there was "no substitute" – until there was a substitute. Do we use asbestos today? Is it missed? Same with PFCs. The substitute for PFCs already exists - despite the vocal denials of major apparel brands.

A valid question for C6 PFCs is, “are these safe”? But the wiser question is whether we need PFCs at all?
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We have had a lot of summer tests.

The waxes will be launched on November 13th during a Kickstarter.
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I was chosen to beta test Glide Nano.

What I do like about these guys: they are really a spin-off from a University and put test results on their website, I have never seen another brand do this.

So I hope you will all support this start-up, they plan on launching a Crowdfunding Kickstarter.
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Hello I am very interested in testing your product. I’ve been in the ski industry since 1984 working at shops and teaching skiing. I had tune my own skis every time before I go skiing. In fact, I’m tuning my skis right now for my trip to Colorado I’m very curious about any type of new waxes, I usually use combination to wax is to get to the correct temperature that I’m gonna be skiing at the time and mountain I’m going skiing at you can send any information to me to this site. I did not see a website for your post so if you could please leave one for me Thank you

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