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Torn between 2 Skis

If I could pardon you ski experts to help me make a decision, it would be greatly appreciated. I've been looking at upgrading my few year old Public Enemies to some 07 Rossi Scratches, but I'm torn between the Scratch FS WRS and the Scratch BC WRS. There's about a $100 difference, the BC being more expensive, and I'm wondering if it'll be worth it for me to choose the BC over the FS. I'm the type of skier who can and will go out and conquer the whole mountain, but mostly my time is spent in the park with my boarding friends.

I like the extra benefit that the BC has with the all mountain capabilities, but will I lose too much of the "parkness" with the BC to make it not worth it over the FS?
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Go and demo both in the conditions/terrain u plan 2 play the most. As an expert, i would not dare tell u one over the other since we r all so unique and different in how we ski/what we ski/etc./etc.. U also may find a used pair of scratches to go along with ur PE's 2 solve the problem.

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Well... are the skis the same length? I mean, what makes them different.
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FS's versus the BC's-- and the winner is----?

The difference is not so much in the length, but what this sticks r meant 2 do. The FS's r a true P & P ski (twin tip and all); the BC's r more of an off piste / back country "park and pipe wanna be." If u want to play mostly in the park/pipe---go with the FS---if u want them 2 b more versatle--demo the BC's 2 c if they will do the job u want them 2 do.

I run into the same problem choosing skis 'cause i luv 2 ski everything and anything--i spend most of my time demoing skis--but eventually i find the right match 4 what i want and it results in a locker full of skis.
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Let it Snow !
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if you are good in the park, go the BC's, they are a much better ski, the FS is more forgiving if your miss your landing, but if you stomp your jumps, BC is the king
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