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Trick ski length suggestions - Liberty/Whitetail PN

i'm just getting back into snowsports after a five year haitus. i live in washington dc. i got a decent package a few weeks ago. the skiis are double tip 171 salomon flyers. i'm actually looking toward a second pair already for east coast stuff.

we'll usually go every other weekend. i got the 171's for an all-around length.
we might occasionally trip out west or up north.

like i said, i'm already looking at smaller skiis for "fun" on the east coast trips. they are
on sale also from last year (@$200?) i was going to check and see what anyone else
in the area might be using. i'm 5'11"/150lbs.

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Hey, I go to those places too. I have seen people doing tricks at the snowpark pipe, but they are shorter than regular skis, and they have 2 tips. They are about four feet long.
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